7 Mountains

mountainAre you filled with hope for your nation? Do you see the possibility of transformation in the world around you? Or are you simply holding out with the hope of one day escaping our ‘dark world’ ?

At Eastgate we believe strongly in the desire of God to transform the world we live in. Our good God is not merely sitting back and observing the state of our world, powerless to bring change and reformation. He is instead, by His Holy Spirit, desiring to co-labor with His Body in seeing transformation in every area of society, until Heaven has literally come to earth in every manifestation possible. His Gospel is a Gospel of the Kingdom, and His Kingdom is ever-increasing, ever-expanding, ever-filling the earth!

And His agents of transformation are… US!

Society can be broken down into seven main spheres of influence, ‘seven mountains,’ that act as the gates through which all of our information, influence, and authority come. These are: Business/Finance, Family, Government, Education, Religious, Arts/Media, Science/Technology. Every person plays a part in one or more of these spheres. And it is through these spheres of society that our culture can be influenced and truly transformed. You are significant!!

Be validated today in your gate of influence! Know that you are positioned to make a difference, and that your God has awesome plans to institute change and solutions through you! He has great faith and hope for our world, and He is inviting you to participate with Him in seeing His Kingdom established…in every area of our society!

We are living in exciting days! Though many are overwhelmed by the darkness that they perceive, our conviction has been to remain positioned to see the Love and the Light of God continually at work around us. He is good and He is in a good mood! And He is working all things together for good. In our personal lives, in the lives of our neighbours, in the lives of our nation. In the midst of pessimism, judgement, and fear, we are standing up to say there has never been a brighter day!!

We recommend Lance Wallnau and Releasing Kings Ministries to encourage as you pursure transformation in your sphere of influence. Here are there website address’s:

Lance Wallnau’s: www.lancelearning.com            Releasing Kings: www.releasingkings.com