Relationship/Marriage Coach

Many relationships are fragile at best. We can lack tolerance towards differences, we think “we are always right”, we do not understand that others can think and act differently to us in similar circumstances. Gaining understanding of yourself and your partner will go a long way towards growing a healthy and flourishing relationship. Instead of criticism and the constant battle of trying to change others to be more like us…..tolerance and excitement can be the outcome!

Speaking a little about the wedding day….for many couples hours, time, energy and money are poured lavishly into this one day. What must be considered is this …it is a day. An amazing day indeed. Yet, after this one day is a marriage that needs to stand the test of time. Just as life in general has ups and downs, good days and bad, joys and sorrows….so does marriage. Sadly, many spend thousands of dollars on stuff….on bells and whistles….on fads (for a day), yet rarely invest in themselves, in their relationship.

Relationship/Marriage coaching allows for couples to take some time to focus on each other. This allows for the discovery of areas of strength and the tools/skills needed for those areas of less strength….growth areas. Prepare/Enrich assessment tool is the relationship tool of choice for over 3 decades and with over 2.5 million couples. To grow and solidify your relationship and gain the skill sets needed for better communication, to identify and manage major stressors, to resolve conflicts, to understand personality differences and more, is achieved with this resource tool.

Coaching can be done on the phone, Skype, Zoom or in person.


It’s fun to discover your brilliance and that of your partner! I look forward to assisting you in even further discoveries!

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