Currently (Oct 2012) as we process following discontinuing our Sunday Services we have 3 areas that are emerging regarding our Mission/Vision:

1. We are a Dream Center in the context of faciiltating people to discover their Personal Vision. Our focus is not for people to rally around the "man" or the corporate vision but to pursue what God has placed in their hearts. The desires of the heart need to be searched out and manifested. We are excited about this and excited for YOU!

2. The Diversity of Spiritual Community. Not one form but mass variety. Not coming to hear one message but as you engage with one another a message is developed. Yes we recognize and celebrate amazing "apostolic" type centers that are doing a great work and absolutely necessary. Yet we challenge the idea of North American "churchanity" or the model of church we practice that isn’t as relevant for the times in which we live.
Spiritual Community is essential. It is imperative that we connect, fellowship and encourage on another.
Apostolic influence that empowers everyone to minister as Jesus encouraged us in Matthew 10:7, 8. Developed to know who you are in Christ: Identity. Going to a ministry school such as Bethel in Redding, CA is a great opition and would be life changing. Yet it would also be encouraged that you then go out as "sent ones" to do the work of the ministry in whatever occupation is your grace and passion.

3. We Celebrate the finished work of the Cross. Nothing needs to be added. It’s not necessary to do the many busy activities that take place in church communities as it simply keeps people busy serving the system. Jesus did it all. Now we need to be who we are called to be and go do it.

Much love, Brian Olynick