The Team

Brian & Kristen, Leaders

Brian & Kristen have an immense appetite for FUN! Whether that is co-laboring with like-hearted Kingdom friends doing church together, or stepping out in new and exciting entrepreneurial ventures, or getting in their vehicle and hitting the open road… they love to do things that have never been done before!

Surrounded by an amazing group of loved ones, Brian & Kristen have been pioneering East Gate for more than 10 years! Their team have been together for years, and the deep relationships formed have become the foundation for the relational wineskin that continues to make EG unique and distinct for this day and age.

Chris & Jane Wiens,

Chris & Jane love being the church. With a vast aray of experience as lead pastors, missions and social enterprise, they are passionate kingdom people. They live an organic lifestyle; striving to build an earthly entity is not part of their DNA. Chris & Jane prefer developing community naturally with an overflow of cultivating genuine relationships. They are owners of a social enterprise business with a non profit Scrap Cars Not Kids, that is at the forefront in fighting and defeating human trafficking and sex slavery. This couple celebrates God and people to the highest degree.

Cory Dueck,

Cory is someone with big big energy which is almost contagious! His love for humanity is felt by all who connect with him, either individually or groups.

Some of Cory’s passions  include the great outdoors, music, reading, writing, food, wine, and travel. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is always up for a spontaneous adventure!

Having grown up overseas and having had the joy of traveling to many countries and continents, he has developed a deep passion for various cultures and customs.