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Connecting Our Hearts With His Heart Releases More Freedom & Love - On Earth As It Is In Heaven

East Gate Ministries was birthed in the Spring of '04. But before that the Lord had already begun to speak of its destiny, prophesying about who this company of people would be and all that He was promising. Confirmations came in the form of dreams, visions, words of knowledge, and prophetic words. As well as the treasured still, small voice of the Father. In fact, it was in a passionate time of worship at a conference in Seattle, that Kristen received the name 'East Gate' and the mandate of Ezekiel 47.

And now, years later, the Lord continues to confirm the calling and promise of Ezekiel 47 for East Gate. The promise is that the River of Living of Water, flowing from the temple of the Lord, will pass through the East Gate, flowing out from there into the streets, cities, and nations of the world. And as it flows from the gate, it's width and depth increase continually until it is a river so powerful that it cannot be waded or trekked, except that you release all control and allow it's currents to sweep you away in a live-giving experience of sheer joy and exhilaration!

As it translates to our ministry, we believe that the Lord has called us (as He's called each person) to be conduits of His Glory.......

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